2022 NFL Draft — Final Mock Draft & Team Needs

Happy Draft Day everyone! 🥳🥳🥳

Time to dust off the ol’ Medium articles here. It feels like the NFL Draft has taken a back seat in the sports world with the NBA Playoffs in full swing, but as the girl from the Old El Paso commercial says… por que no las dos?

Below, you’ll find my 2022 Mock Draft (no trades in this one) followed by my breakdown of each teams’ Round One outlook. Keep in mind that my position grades and team needs are based on my 2022 Model Z which in a simple explanation, grades every player on every roster on a 68–100 scale. From there, I assess each position by top level talent, depth, while also considering those players’ age and general team forecast. Take it or leave it!

My 2021 Final 1-Round Mock draft was 21% correct…not bad! Now, I felt much more confident last year, especially at the top of this draft, but let’s see if I can beat that number. Enjoy!



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Zack Nicol

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